Psychological Counselling

At Bear in Mind Psychology, we are passionate about the mental health of young minds and their families.


We understand that children have to navigate many different settings such as home, school and the wider community and this can be tough at the best of times.

As such, we generally work hand in hand with parents, schools and other health professionals to ensure children get the most out of their therapeutic sessions and can use the skills they develop when then leave the clinic.


All of our clinicians are trained in the latest, evidence base therapeutic approaches and will use the approach that is best suited to your child.


Learning Assessments & Intervention

Learning and school attendance can be extremely difficult experiences for some children.

All of our clinicians have Masters level training and endorsement in the area of Educational and Developmental or Clinical Psychology.

As such, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of identifying learning difficulties and disorders and providing evidence based recommendations for children, parents, health professionals and schools in order to help children reach their full learning potential and inform/support individualised learning plans.


Diagnostic Assessments & Intervention

Every child is different and has their own unique potential. At Bear in Mind Psychology we have a genuine interest in every single child and family we meet and a desire to help each one reach their individual potential by working with strengths and supporting weaknesses.


We work collaboratively with families, other professionals and use our standardised measures to help us work out the jigsaw that is the human mind.


All of our clinicians have extensive knowledge, formal training and years of experience conducting standardised assessments to determine underlying neurodevelopmental strengths, weaknesses and disorders and provide appropriate treatment.